Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Panasonic's New NE-C1275

Panasonic's latest commercial combination microwave oven, the NE-C1275, offers programming from your PC, as well as traditional manual programming. It has an SD card which tucks into a small panel on the front of the machine, under the control panel. (See more details of the latest Panasonic Commercial Combination Microwave Oven here...) Up to 99 programs are available and each can be preset with up to 3 stages of combination or single cooking cycles. The SD card function makes it ideal for use in public houses, restaurants or staff catering establishments with set menus where consistent results and ease of operation are essential. If you've got any questions just add a comment to this post, or check out the link above...

Thursday, December 22, 2005

Mince Pies and Microwave Myths...

With Christmas just around the corner, there will no doubt be several mince pies heated up in microwave ovens around the country...

So... Do microwave ovens heat food from the inside out?

Many people insist they do, but the fact is that the microwaves will only penetrate a centimetre or two into the food, and the centre of large items will only be cooked by conducted heat in the same way as in a conventional oven...

So, how come you burnt your tongue when you bit into the searing hot mincemeat in the middle of your pie, while the crust barely seemed hot at all?

Well... The rate at which something heats in a microwave oven is very dependant on it's "dielectric" properties. Microwaves will happily pass right through some substances having very little effect, while they're easily absorbed by others which causes a heating effect... The wet, sugary, fatty filling of a lot of pies will heat a lot more efficiently than the pastry crust, making it seem as they're heating from the inside!!!

Now, there's no excuse for burning your mouth over the holiday, so have a great Christmas...

Just to be doubly sure that you don't burn yourself, try a generous helping of ice cream with your mince pies... Well... That's my excuse and I'm sticking to it!!!

Thursday, December 08, 2005


This morning I was called out to repair a microwave oven which was cutting out after it had been running for a while. As soon as I saw the state of the filters I knew why!!!

Most commercial microwave ovens suck in their "cooling" air through filters on the front of the machine. These usually run along the front, underneath the door and can be easily removed for CLEANING!!!
In this case they'd not been removed for some time and were completely blocked. If this happens, the microwave overheats and cuts out to prevent it damaging itself...

Just take them off every couple of months and throw them in the dishwasher with the rest of the washing and you'll save yourself a hefty call out charge. (That's only if you call some other microwave repair man. I'm very reasonable as you know!!!) Your microwave will thank you for it too, as it will have no problem filling it's lungs full of cool fresh air!!! (You knew microwave ovens had lungs, right?)

On the subject of filters, some Sharp commercial microwave ovens will remind you to clean their filters with a little caption (FILTER) that lights up on the display. This doesn't indicate a fault, as some people think but is just a gentle reminder. To cancel the reminder, just press the start pad...

I'll stop nagging for now... until the next time!!!

Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Any suggestions?

I've been wondering today, the best sort of content I can add to this blog to make it interesting. I'm open to any ideas!!! Be gentle with me until I get more organised!!!

I figured that a good place to start, as I spend a lot of my time repairing commercial microwave ovens, is to write about any avoidable breakdowns as this could be helpful to anyone who uses microwave ovens.

With this in mind I shall start with the good old Sharp Commercial Microwaves which have the plastic film inside the door. I'm FOREVER replacing the door films and if they're not done as soon as they start to peel, the steam inside the doors causes them to go rusty. If this happens it can cause microwave leakage and the door will need to be replaced.

Maybe you're asking, "what causes the plastic to peel off in the first place"? Well... I'm glad you asked me that, because EVERY one I've replaced is caused by the same thing... When you run your finger down the inside of the door you can always feel a dent at the same height as the rim of the dishes that are most often used.

So... The lesson for today is to make sure that when you put a dish or plate into your microwave oven that you push it far enough back, so the door doesn't have to do that job for you!!!

Hey! I don't know why I'm telling you this. How am I going to scrape a living if you don't keep wrecking your microwave ovens!!!

More top tips soon!!!

Monday, December 05, 2005

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